School Grades

That was me trying to learn the answer
I never found the answer
I was shown the answer
But I didn’t want that answer
Why was there only one answer?
If the answer already exists then why bother!?
Why ask a question if it has already been answered, and dictate that is the only answer!
That’s not learning how to think, it’s programming to know.

3 thoughts on “School Grades

  1. Oh wow, I’m breaking a rule about talking about my own blog in comments on others’ work (forgive me, or delete this post, if you prefer) but I regularly churn out posts on this very topic at my blog, and so I got very excited to see the idea captured so succinctly in a poem. These aren’t my most popular posts, but I think it’s the most important topic I write about. What you’re doing is pointing out the emperor is not wearing any clothes, and that makes everyone else uncomfortable. Most people just want to know the right answer to get a good grade on the test; they don’t want to dig into new knowledge. I also love to recommend a book called Excellent Sheep to anyone interested in that topic.

    And then, the title of your blog — Am I Weird? — made me laugh, because I’m often referring to myself as “weird” in my blog, and I sometimes get mild rebukes from readers for it who don’t think even a mildly self-disparaging term is merited. But to wonder frequently whether you are weird…it colors one’s life. I suspect anyone who doesn’t just want to get the good grades wonders this.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 it really means a lot to hear that the idea was conveyed succinctly. It’s not often the response I get! Perhaps we are weird…

      Thanks for the book recommendation and I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

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